An initiative to keep you informed with the data and facts
that would-

Be RELEVANT for you

Impact your INVESTMENTS as an

Cut the unwanted NOISE

While you catch up with your Jogging mates, listen to the business news, go through the financial papers, get tips on whatsapp and telegram, get to hear from your colleagues on which stocks to invest in during lunch and finally the most trusted circle being your family and friends, who always being your well-wisher will guide you on your investments, you would be loaded with information. Even if you have read everything, understood everything but there is something which is missing and that something is how you do apply the knowledge or the insights that you get from these various sources to your own portfolio, to your own investments.

There would be times when you feel you could have read more, learned more before you went about investing and wished there was a friend, a guide, a mentor who would have guided you on how to interpret the information that was available at your disposal to make the best use of it!

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Be it the publishing industry, business channels, social media, Research and Ranking is trying to make it easy for you to get the quality information that you value, from all sources and sieve through it, making it a simple, flexible way for you to access the information from various sources which is put across to you on a single platform, the Informed InvestoRR by The Third Umpire.

Informed InvestoRR - Key Benefits

Can be accessed through a single login

Accessible from anywhere

Simple to understand

15 minutes of your weekly schedule

Saves your time and efforts as the homework will be done by us

Guide for making the right investment decision

Keeping you always a step ahead!